Toy Industry Association (TIA) Statement on Holiday Toy Safety and Annual Toy Lists

November 12, 2013

Each year around holiday time there are several things we have come to count on – one being the annual targeting of toys by activists who take advantage of their high visibility during the holidays and the opportunities they offer for media coverage. These groups needlessly frighten parents by focusing attacks on toys they claim to be “unsafe,” “unhealthy,” or “dangerous.”  Their allegations are frequently found to be unsubstantiated and often ignore or misinterpret the facts.

The reports of such organizations ignore that toys are highly regulated and do not contain hazardous substances to which children may be exposed.  They ignore that the U.S. government consistently lists toys among the safest consumer product categories in the home … And they ignore that a miniscule amount of the estimated three billion toys sold each year in the United States are recalled.

In order to keep pace with innovations in toys and potential emerging issues, experts from the industry continually work with medical experts, consumer groups and government officials to further strengthen the rigorous design, production, testing and inspection procedures that assure the safety of toys.  The industry is pleased to join with responsible scientists and physicians who can help us meaningfully enhance the safety of our industry’s products.

Providing safe toys for children is the toy industry’s highest priority … but assuring that all play is safe is a shared responsibility with parents and other caregivers. The Toy Industry Association (TIA) and its members provide adults with resources that will help them select appropriate toys, engage with children in supervised play and make sure that toys are used as intended.  One of the most important tips is to keep young children away from toys that are intended for older children.  Additional information and guidance – from shopping tips to recall information – can be found online at