New Study Links U.S. Economic Growth and Global Engagement

December 6, 2012 | A new report entitled “American Companies and Global Supply Networks: Driving U.S. Economic Growth and Jobs by Connecting with the World” was launched at a press conference in Washington, DC on Tuesday, December 4th.

Commissioned by the United States Council for International Business, the United States Council Foundation, and Business Roundtable, the study highlights the critical benefits that American businesses in global supply networks bring to U.S. workers, consumers and small businesses.

“Despite ongoing economic uncertainties, this study underscores the fact that millions of good American jobs are created when companies engage in growing global markets via international trade and investment,” said Matthew Slaughter, author of the report and Associate Dean of the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. “The benefits of global engagement impact all levels of our economy, not just those companies engaged in international commerce.”

The report uses economic data, academic and policy research, and case studies to reveal three key points regarding globally engaged U.S. companies:
  1. They are the driving force in U.S. capital investment, R&D and international trade
  2. They must engage in the global economy to access new customers and ideas so they can remain dynamic, innovative, and continue to grow
  3. Global growth supports more hiring, investment and R&D in U.S. operations and also creates jobs in other U.S. companies, often small- and medium-sized, within their global supply chains

A one-page overview of the full-length report can be viewed online.