CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum Will Not Seek Second Term; ICPHSO Annual Meeting Brings Together Global Regulators, Retailers, Manufacturers and More

CPSC Chair Inez TenenbaumMarch 4, 2013 | During a keynote address at the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization’s (ICPHSO) 20th Annual Meeting and Training Symposium last week, CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum announced that she has asked President Obama to not reappoint her for a second term.

Tenenbaum’s remarks were made before a global audience of regulators, retailers, manufacturers, consumers, standards and testing organizations, and others who had convened in Arlington, VA for the four-day conference on consumer product safety.

Ed Desmond, Toy Industry Association (TIA) executive vice president of external affairs, introduced Chairman Tenenbaum for the keynote address.  During her remarks, the Chairman confirmed her commitment to maintaining the CPSC’s leadership role in improving product safety and mitigating the most pressing product safety hazards. 

“I plan to stay on as Chairman until my successor is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, so that I can be sure that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is in safe hands.” said Chairman Tenenbaum. 

TIA Booth at ICPHSO MeetingThe full details of Tenenbaum’s speech can be found on the CPSC website.

The 2013 conference celebrated ICPHSO’s 20th anniversary.  As a founding member and sponsor of this year’s event, TIA hosted a booth communicating the importance of safe and fun play.

From February 26th – March 1st, speakers and panelists focused on a broad range of topics, including obligations in the supply chain such as reporting requirements and recalls; port surveillance; tools for understanding and anticipating product failures; state chemicals of concern regulations; and best practices for effective compliance with an increasing number of international safety standards and regimes.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission hosted a full day of workshops on February 28th, including tours of the CPSC Engineering Lab in Rockville, MD.  ICPHSO ended with ABA Law Day and a focus on federal and state product labeling and involuntary recalls through administrative litigation.

Created in 1993, ICPHSO is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing forums for the exchange of ideas and information on health and safety issues related to consumer products manufacturers and marketed in the global marketplace. TIA was a founding member of ICPHSO.   Two members of the TIA executive team – Joan Lawrence, vice president of standards and government affairs and Al Kaufman, SVP of technical affairs – sit on the ICPHSO Board of Directors.