Host a Holiday Office “Denim Day” to Benefit Kids in Need

December 10, 2013 | Toy companies that would like to bring some holiday cheer into the workplace, boost employee morale, and give back to children in need are encouraged to host a “Denim Day” in support of the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF).

A “Denim Day” allows staff members to donate $10 to TIF in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans or dress down on a single day (or even a full week) of their employer’s choosing.

“It’s a really fun and simple way to rally workers and give back to kids who are sick, homeless, suffering, or living through other really rough times,” said Melissa Sorvillo, TIF coordinator. “This type of fundraising is especially crucial during the month of December. Every dollar counts and will be put towards bringing happy childhood memories to those who need them the most this holiday season!”

Companies that would like to participate can follow these steps:

• Choose a day (or even a week, if preferred) to designate as “Denim Day”

• Collect voluntary donations of $10 per person and send them to TIF
Start a simple fundraising page on Crowdrise, where participants can donate online via credit card and view a scrolling list of those who have made donations (to see how Crowdrise works, visit the Toy Industry Association’s own “Denim Day” page). TIF can help set up this page for any company that requires assistance.

• Promote the fundraiser to all staff members via newsletter, email, flyers in common spaces, or on social media, so that everyone is aware of the initiative and knows how to participate (TIF can provide a sample flyer to any participating company).

• Share photos of your #DenimDay with TIF on Facebook / Twitter!

“Denim Day” funds will be used by TIF during the holidays and throughout the year to support Foundation programs, including Play Comforts, Play Connects and The Toy Bank, which bring more than one million playthings to children in need through each year. Over the past 10 years, The Toy Bank has collected and distributed more than $90 million worth of books, games, puzzles and toys to children in need worldwide.

“Several companies have hosted ‘Denim Days’ on behalf of TIF over the past two years, and reported that it was a great way to bring employees together in support of a wonderful cause!” added Sorvillo.

Any company that needs help building or customizing a Crowdrise fundraiser page for this initiative may contact TIF’s Melissa Sorvillo for assistance ( / 646.520.4878).