January 31, 2013 – Although television drives the worldwide market for licensed products based on preschool properties, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get sufficient exposure in that medium to launch a licensing program, according to a new research study prepared by The Licensing Letter and Youth Markets Alert, published by EPM, a division of Business Valuation Resources. The full study, entitled “The Global Market for Licensed Preschool Properties,” will be unveiled during TIA’s Content Connection, an educational program for licensors and brand owners at the 110th American International Toy Fair.

In the report, property owners are advised to meet media fragmentation head-on by developing online distribution via downloads and streaming, digital games and apps, and additional delivery channels.

“While preschool properties face strong competition from other preschool properties, they also compete with Star Wars, Hello Kitty, and Spider-Man, all of which have a strong presence in this category but are clearly not ‘preschool’ properties, per se,” said Ira Mayer, President of EPM.

Similarly, dominance by key players who control the media and retail pipelines makes it difficult for others to penetrate the preschool market, added Mayer. For example, Disney – which also controls Marvel and Star Wars, and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, along with a few others – effectively locks out other potential players.

The report notes that while “preschool” is defined differently in different countries and by different participants (retailers, TV networks, manufacturers, licensors, etc.), overall, the market is getting younger. Additionally, property owners are developing more gender-specific programs, moving away from the gender-neutrality traditionally associated with the preschool market.

Based on an analysis of more than 170 licensed properties identified as targeting the preschool market for toys, apparel, domestics, and other categories, “The Global Market for Licensed Preschool Properties” report will be presented in detail during the “Growing the Preschool Market” session at Content Connection. The presentation will take place on Sunday February 10th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Questions about preschool market drivers for licensed properties may be directed to Ira Mayer, President of EPM (212.941.1633 ext. 27). For all other Content Connection session details taking place on Feb. 10-11, visit