President’s Letter – August 27, 2013: Create Advantages … Don’t Be Complacent

Though we’ve had a few close calls, no negative legislation directly targeting or impacting the toy industry has been passed at the local, state or federal levels thus far in 2013.  But just because we’re past the latest threats, it doesn’t mean that we should become complacent. We can’t let all our hard work go to waste when things become a bit quieter on the issues front. We know more threats will come.  The best time to cement our relationships with policymakers may be when there are no urgent issues that require immediate action and response.

That’s why our upcoming DC Fly-In (September 17-19, 2013) is so important. We all need to be there, in person, to remind Members of Congress and policymakers in Washington of who we are, what we stand for, and what we need so that we can continue to ensure the safety of children and the smooth functioning of our businesses. We all need to be there to continue educating legislators about the robust toy safety standards that we are proud of, and the caring approach that we take in creating wonderful and safe playthings for kids. That way, if policy issues should arise, these same decision-makers will be well aware of what we do and understand that there is no need to create duplicative or overlapping laws. Our presence at the Fly-In also guarantees that we will be top-of-mind and invited to participate in important future conversations that will shape new policy decisions, guidelines, regulations and laws.

I urge every TIA member to join us in Washington, DC next month.  This is a crucial opportunity to meet with influential policymakers … tell them the story of how you run your companies … deliver positive messages about the toy industry … overturn negative perceptions … and form lasting relationships with others in the industry.  I hope you will attend.

Details about registration, the agenda, hotel and travel details can be found on our website (; if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Ed Desmond, executive vice president of external affairs.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Washington next month.

Warm regards to all,