TIA Commissions New Research on Educational Benefits of Mobile Apps

September 16, 2013 | In light of the rising popularity of toys that interact with mobile apps, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) has commissioned academic research to learn more about the educational and developmental benefits of toys that incorporate app-related technology.

The report is being prepared by Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, a prominent psychologist and globally-recognized toy researcher, and is a component of TIA’s ongoing efforts to publish original research that will help toy companies operate and grow their businesses.

TIA members who are aware of any existing research that would be helpful for this project may contact TIA’s Stacy Leistner, vice president of strategic communications, by Tuesday, September 24th. There is a particular need for information about the impact of apps on younger children (under age 2), as very little has been published on the topic to date.

The report will be finalized in the near future; TIA members will be kept apprised of developments.