TIA Issues Toy Safety Statement in Response to Erroneous PIRG Reports

December 11, 2013 | Following the release of the annual U.S. PIRG toy reports in late November and early December, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) issued a statement to notify the media about the false information contained within these reports and to assure consumers that all toys sold in the U.S. have been thoroughly tested and meet stringent federal safety standards.

Did You Know?
In a Nov. 20th press release, the CPSC stated that toy recalls were down in 2013 and that American families should feel confident about the safety of toys they purchase this holiday season. Read more… 
“The PIRG reports were filled with errors and misleading information,” stated Joan Lawrence, TIA vice president of standards and regulatory affairs. “While all toys sold in the U.S. must be tested by an independent, third-party lab accredited by the federal governmemnt, the testing lab used by PIRG is not accredited by the government to test toys – in fact, its only experience with toy testing appears to be for PIRG.”

In addition, the reports referenced that certain testing was done to an incorrect, older version of the ASTM F963 toy safety standard, and improper test methods were used for some products  – making the PIRG results unreliable. 

“Several toy companies were erroneously listed in the report, despite the fact that these manufacturers have test reports certifying their products’ compliance with federal requirements,” said Lawrence.

As previously reported, each year NGOs like PIRG try to take advantage of the high visibility of toys during the holiday season, and the opportunities for media attention that the topic generates, by publishing “Toy Safety Reports” that unnecessarily frighten parents. TIA positions itself in front of the media, on behalf of its members and the broader industry, providing facts and information about the toy industry’s year-round commitment to ensuring that U.S. toy safety standards remain the most protective in the world, and the steps that companies take to comply with the rigorous laws that keep children safe from harm while they play.

“The  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission consistently ranks toys among the safest 15 consumer product categories commonly found in the home,” added Carter Keithley, TIA President. “Like PIRG, members of the toy industry are intent on assuring that the toys consumers bring into their homes are safe for their families. Unlike PIRG, we maintain our priority focus on toy safety every day of the year.”

The Association’s complete statement regarding the PIRG reports is available online; additional statements about toy safety and related issues are available in the TIA press room. Toy safety resources for parents and other caregivers – including shopping tips,  recommendations for safe and supervised play, and recall information – can be found on TIA’s www.ToyInfo.org website.