February 26, 2013 | In a letter sent today to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Inez Tenenbaum, Toy Industry Association (TIA) President Carter Keithley thanked the Chairman for delivering the keynote address at the American International Toy Fair, lauded the CPSC for its ongoing efforts to work cooperatively with homeland security to stop unsafe or counterfeit toys from entering the United States, and offered the continued assistance of the toy industry as the CPSC and other government agencies develop and refine procedures at the ports. 

“We commend you and the CPSC team, homeland security, and the other agencies involved in enforcement activities for the work you are doing at the ports and in the marketplace,” stated Keithley in the letter. “Let me assure you that the collective toy industry wants to see those ‘bad actors’ out of business and their products off the shelves just as much as you do … TIA and its members stand ready to offer our assistance … as you continue to develop and refine the procedures that will effectively weed out violations while preserving efficiencies for compliant product from responsible companies.”

[The full letter can be read online.]

TIA is also requesting its members to provide any feedback, insights or questions regarding enforcement procedures used by the CPSC and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at any of the U.S. ports.  Specifically, input is requested on how those procedures relate to supply chain logistics practicalities and other marketplace realities.  Input received from toy manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers will be compiled by TIA and reviewed with the CPSC.

“Industry perspectives may be useful in helping the CPSC evaluate the need for certain paperwork or to mitigate the delay of compliant product, especially during the toy industry’s peak shipping season (August – November),” explained Keithley.

Feedback and questions on the topic may be directed to TIA’s Rebecca Mond, director of government affairs (202.344.4554).