Facebook Raffle Launched to Increase Online Consumer Engagement

September 16, 2013 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is launching a monthly raffle on Facebook to increase online consumer engagement and raise awareness of ToyInfo.org, TIA’s go-to website for families and caregivers. The first raffle will begin on Thursday, September 19.

Weekly play-related questions will be posted on the Association’s Facebook page, encouraging consumers to respond with play tips and advice. The posts will also direct users to ToyInfo.org for additional play ideas. Anyone who answers one or more of TIA’s questions in the “comment” section will be automatically entered into the monthly raffle for a chance to win a customized toy package. Winners will be selected through a random drawing and announced via TIA’s social media platforms.   

ToyInfo.org, which underwent several enhancements this past summer, features the latest toys and trends, up-to-date safety tips, guidelines for buying toys or playing at home, recall information, and more. A recently expanded “All About Play” section highlights the importance of play and the various skills that play can help a child develop, and will soon include lists of fun games and activities for every season. The reoccurring raffle is designed to drive additional traffic to this online resource to familiarize families with toy products and trends, as well as the overall value of play. 

“Everyone loves the chance to win free prizes, especially when the customized packages will be filled with fun products,” said Stacy Leistner, TIA’s vice president of strategic communications. “This campaign will not only increase companies’ exposure, but will also ideally create an online forum for parents and caregivers to share advice and talk about ways their children play.”     

TIA thanks the generous companies that have volunteered to donate toys and games for raffle prizes, including:

Cloud B


EB Brands


Educational Insights


Fairy Tale High

Spin Master

Fashion Angels


Goldie International

TOSY Robotics



Jakks Pacific


Learning Resources


ToyInfo.org features weekly slideshows on new products. Companies are encouraged to consult the updated editorial calendar for upcoming “Cool Toy Picks” slideshow topics; product submissions may be sent to TIA’s Jackie Retzer