Two Upcoming ICTI CARE Process Webinars Focus on Social Compliance

March 8, 2013 |  In a continuing effort to educate toy brands, licensors and retailers about its programs to assure a healthy, safe and fair workplace environment for toy and juvenile products factory employees, the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical (CARE) Process (ICP) will be conducting two FREE webinars for TIA members and non-member toy companies.

Both webinars are recommended for staff responsible for social compliance policies, while the April 24th webinar on purchasing practices is also aimed at procurement or sourcing teams. 

Powering the ICTI CARE Process Seal of Compliance with the Enablon Software Platform
Tuesday, March 19th (rescheduled from March 7th)
12 pm (Eastern) / 9 am (Pacific)


This session is for those who must track audit and corrective action plan progress. The focus will be on a new ‘sustainability performance management software program’ developed by Enablon for the ICP. It is intended to be useful to the entire supply chain, from retailers to brands and the manufacturers they contract. The ICTI CARE Foundation platform powered by Enablon helps brands, licensors and retailers get real-time visibility of their suppliers’ performance and level of compliance, and makes it easier for companies to follow the ICTI CARE Process Seal of Compliance approval process to help ensure the ethical manufacturing of their products.

This fee-based platform also allows brands, licensors and retailers to do data mining and monitor their suppliers’ performance and level of compliance by tracking audit and corrective action plan progress, certification status and level of each factory registered in the ICP.  Topics to be covered include:

  • a live demo of the three platform access levels,
  • complete review of user benefits, and
  • registration and payment details.

NOTE:  The Enablon software service is available to Date Certain committed companies and is based on a scale of modest fees depending on size of companies and degree of detail desired.  The pricing structure will be explained during the webinar.

Purchasing Practices and their Impact on Toy and Children’s Juvenile Product Factories: Balancing Marketplace Realities and Social Compliance Standards
Wednesday, April 24th
2 pm (Eastern) / 11 am (Pacific)


This session will provide an overview of recent and upcoming ICTI CARE Process activities before taking an in-depth look at how emerging trends in purchasing practices (e.g., retailers placing orders closer to peak seasons; toy companies struggling to meet shorter delivery times) are affecting conditions for factory workers (e.g., longer shifts or excessive overtime; tiredness affecting health and safety issues, lower profit margins affecting wages, etc.).  Topics include:

  • A report of recent studies evaluating the effectiveness of the ICTI CARE Process, including the Date Certain program,
  • An panel discussion of the impact brand and retailer purchasing practices are having on factory workplace conditions,
  • An interactive discussion about emerging purchasing issues and how they impact the ICTI CARE Process.

Interested participants are encouraged to visit the ICTI CARE Foundation website that contains background information on the topics that will be discussed in greater depth during the webinars.