CPSC Hearing Seeks Input on Agency Budget and Resource Priorities for 2015 and 2016

TIA Urges Commission to Focus Resources on Third Party Testing Reductions & Port Surveillance

July 27, 2014 | The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) held its annual Budget Prioritization hearing last week (July 24th) to receive stakeholder input on the Commission’s budget and resource priorities for fiscal years 2015 and 2016. Toy Industry Association (TIA) staff was present at the hearing and submitted written testimony on behalf of the toy industry.

CPSC News Update

On July 28th, the U.S. Senate confirmed President Obama’s nominees for the CPSC’s vacant positions. 

Elliot Kaye will lead the agency as CPSC chair for a term ending in 2020, while Joe Mohorovic will come on board as the new Republican commissioner through 2019. Both Mr. Kaye and Mr. Mohorovic have stated that port surveillance and relief from third party testing costs would be among their top priorities at the Commission.

During the meeting and through the submission of comments, members of the regulated community suggested areas of focus for the Commission to dedicate its resources toward in its 2015 Operating Plan and/or 2016 Congressional Budget Request, as well as proposed adjustments to the agency’s education, safety standards activities, regulation, and enforcement activities over the next two years.

In its comments, TIA urged the agency to dedicate resources to finding ways to reduce burdensome third party testing costs; as previously reported, TIA recently participated in a workshop and submitted comments and technical data to assist the CPSC in determining which material types do not contain any banned substances and therefore do not need to be routinely tested.

TIA also asked the CPSC to allocate resources to federal port surveillance initiatives that aim to stop unsafe and counterfeit toys from entering the U.S., while reiterating its offer to assist in the development and refinement of procedures that will effectively identify and stop violative products at the ports.

“We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership with the CPSC and maintaining the effective dialogue we’ve long had with the agency, as we work together to accomplish our shared objectives of keeping consumers safe,” stated Ed Desmond, TIA’s executive vice president of external affairs.

Oral testimony at the hearing was provided by representatives from Kids in Danger, Consumer Federation of America and Zen Magnets. Written comments were submitted by National Retail Federation and Consumers Union, in addition to TIA. All presentations and comments are available online for public viewing.

TIA will keep members apprised of any developments; questions related to this matter may be directed to TIA’s Autumn Moore.