Patriotic Play: Toys Made in the USA and Canada

June 30, 2014 | North America is home not only to some of the most innovative toy companies in the world, but also to manufacturing locations where many top toys are made.

“There is a great selection of playthings that are made in the U.S. and Canada that span multiple categories, from outdoor toys to arts & crafts and beyond,” said Adrienne Appell, trend specialist at the Toy Industry Association (TIA). “These fun toys bring smiles to kids and enable families to proudly support the economy of their local communities and country.”

In honor of Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th), TIA rounded up a few of the many American- and Canadian-made playthings currently on the market:

CN Tower 3D Puzzle (Wrebbit Puzzles – Made in Canada)
Kids can relive the building experience of one of Canada’s most iconic towers with this 761-piece 3D puzzle. As they construct the foam pieces, they’ll also learn about the building’s history: constructed in 1975, the Toronto tower remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Americas and is one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World.

Fling-a-Ring Deluxe Edition (Fling a Ring – Made in the U.S.)
Fling-a-Ring is an up-and-active outdoor game that combines the skill sets of horseshoes and Frisbee golf, and encourages gross motor skills, exercise, and friendly competition. Each team takes turns trying to toss the disc-shaped rings so that they catch on the posts. The more accurate your toss, the higher your points are. Great for fun family play. 

Kids’ Kart Set (American Plastic Toys – Made in the U.S.)
This brightly colored plastic shopping cart encourages kids to engage in role play. With four oversized wheels, a large basket to hold items, a flip-down doll seat, and 14 included play food boxes, the cart lets children emulate mom and dad as they embark on their own grocery store adventure.   

Look Inside Me MRI Scan (Roylco – Made in Canada)
A wonderful way to learn about the human anatomy, this kit includes clear plastic sheets that accurately show the organs a doctor would see when looking at an MRI of your body. Kids can hold the scans up to a light to see the sharp details of a full body scan, as well as overlays of the front and back organs. 

Ogres & Monsters (Bloco Toys – Made in Canada)
Ogres and monsters come to life with this foam construction set. Great for easy, open-ended building, kids can mix and match arms, legs, teeth, tails, eyes and claws to custom assemble their creatures— either one of the Smelly Ogre, Sea Grugg, Hairy Scary or Two Face characters, or a hairy, scary monster of their own imagination.  

Safe Sea Sets (Green Toys – Made in the U.S.)
In support of ocean conservation, these sets feature a Green Toys Seaplane or Submarine and a copy of Joel Harper’s children’s book All the Way to the Ocean (Freedom Three Publishing), an uplifting story that depicts how our daily life impacts the oceans and inspires kids and their families to help protect the environment. The Safe Seas Sets benefit Sustainable Surf, a charity organization dedicated to protecting the ocean.

Saila Doll (Maplelea – Made in Canada)
Saila, an 18'' doll with a soft body and poseable arms, is part of the Maplelea Girls line, which features dolls with back-stories and personalities that are uniquely Canadian, and teaches Canadian girls about their country’s heritage, culture and geography. The Saila doll “lives” in Nunavut, Canada and sports traditional Inuit outfits and accessories, all of which are hand-crafted by Inuit women in Nunavut. All proceeds from each outfit go to the people of Nunavut. 

Sands Alive (Play Vision – Made in the U.S.)
With Sands Alive, kids can bring the fun of the beach indoors. The innovative sand-like material offers endless possibilities for sculpting and building without the mess — it has the look and feel of sand, but the grains stick together for easy cleanup. 

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