Summer Lovin’:  TIA Shares Play and Safety Tips for Outdoor Livin’

May 19, 2014 | With the unofficial start of summer just a few days away, families are gearing up for a season of sun-splashed days,  action-packed getaways and weekend barbecues.

Toymakers are doing their part to ensure that families have plenty of options when heading outside to play, offering a wide range of active and creative toys for kids of all ages.

“The warm weather is a great opportunity for families to get outside and get active – whether they are playing in the backyard, at the park, or at the beach,” said TIA trend expert Adrienne Appell.  “We’re seeing wonderful toys and games that encourage everyone – from toddlers to adults – to run, jump, bike and bounce their way through the summer months!”

“Selecting age-appropriate toys and keeping toys labeled for older kids away from younger children is important year-round,” added Joan Lawrence, TIA vice president of safety standards and resident ‘Toy Safety Mom.’ “Children are inquisitive and fast, so active adult supervision during play is crucial.”  

Follow the links that follow to see a few of the great tips for warm weather fun and summer safety from the Toy Industry Association (TIA): 

  • Supervision, sunscreen and plenty of water are always among the top tips to keep kids safe and healthy during the hottest months.  But when it comes to play, TIA has pulled together these OUTDOOR TOY SAFETY TIPS.

  • Being outdoors helps kids stay active and let their imaginations soar!  As you’ll see, TIA’s PLAY IDEAS and our top eight TIPS FOR PLAYING OUTDOORS touch on every type of playful activity. Though not required, we think toys can certainly add to the fun! Check out a few of these active outdoor toys that recently caught the eyes of the Association’s trend experts.

    [And if the weather turns sour, check out these tips when everyone has to head Into the Indoors.]

  • Our top suggestions for Travel Time Play Ideas and Travel Time Play Tips will help keep minds active and the family engaged during that long summer vacation car trip, or while spending hours in an airport or on a plane or train. 

Have a great summer everyone!

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