TIA Member Survey to Help Identify Foreign Markets for Future Research Reports

June 24, 2014 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) circulated an online members-only survey today that will help shape the development of future TIA-commissioned research on foreign toy markets of interest to members.

The survey results will allow TIA to build upon its existing educational resources offered to small and mid-sized toy companies – including reports on economic indicators, consumer habits, industry influencers and market entry strategies for the emerging toy markets of China and Brazil (now available online) and Australia and Mexico (to be released in fall 2014).

Input gathered from the questionnaire will help TIA to identify the next set of countries for which data will be gathered; the survey will also collect information to aid TIA in tracking offshore manufacturing trends.

“As the toy industry becomes increasingly global in scope, TIA is committed to helping toy companies looking to grow their businesses abroad by providing them with meaningful research on population growth, family spending habits, and toy trends in developing countries and regions,” said Anne McConnell, TIA director of market research & data strategy.

Providing industry stakeholders with commissioned research on foreign markets is a direct response to one of the goals outlined in TIA’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, which highlights the need to proactively address globalization by collecting, analyzing and sharing relevant trade and economic data for overseas markets.

TIA members received an email with the survey link today (Tuesday, June 24); responses are requested by no later than Friday, July 11th. Any TIA member who did not receive an email with the survey link may contact TIA’s Anne McConnell (646-520-4870) for details on how to participate.