TIA Re-Launches Environmental Sustainability Committee

Member Survey – Responses due by May 30

TIA is conducting a brief survey to aid in prioritizing the issues that will be addressed by the Environmental Sustainability Committee and that will best meet TIA member needs. The survey is accessible online; input is requested by May 30th.

May 12, 2014 | Following a hiatus, the Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) Environmental Sustainability Committee will re-launch this spring with a renewed charter and shift in focus to help monitor and impact a growing number of environmental issues affecting the toy industry on both a national and global scale.

While the committee’s mission and list of key activities will be confirmed in early June at the inaugural meeting, the following potential committee objectives have been identified by TIA:
  • To provide information and education on sustainability trends (e.g.: sustainable packaging, resource conservation, green marketing, etc.) that will assist toy industry stakeholders who would like to introduce eco-friendly programs and practices at their companies and/or increase the sustainability of their product
  • To develop and share best practices (e.g.: benchmarks, codes of practice, toolkits, etc.
  • To work in collaboration with other industries on common sustainability interests

TIA members who participate in the Environmental Sustainability Committee will build relationships with their peers and gain access to crucial information and best practices to help guide their businesses, overcome challenges and improve company performance. Committee participation is also an important opportunity for stakeholders to collectively stimulate progress on large-scale environmental issues, such as deforestation, impacting companies of all sizes.

“In addition to providing several benefits to our members, TIA’s re-launched Environmental Sustainability Committee demonstrates to NGOs, regulators and the general public that the toy industry is committed to environmental protection and is dedicated to understanding and reducing the environmental impact of toy company products throughout the global supply chain,” said Alan Kaufman, TIA SVP of technical affairs and staff liaison to the committee.

TIA regular members are invited to submit nominations for candidates to serve on the committee; information regarding all TIA policy committees is available online.