TIA Releases Third Edition of its Toy Inventor & Designer Guide

June 17, 2014 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) announced today the release of the third edition of its Toy Inventor & Designer Guide, a comprehensive how-to pamphlet that outlines the steps needed to develop, protect, manufacture and sell a new toy invention or design.

Tracing the process from the initial idea to market entry to product promotion, the updated Guide, downloadable from the TIA website (toyassociation.org/inventorguide), poses important questions to consider and offers insights into standard industry practices to help provide aspiring toy inventors and designers with critical background and business savvy.     

To offer further assistance, the Guide includes live links to useful TIA directories, webinars and other relevant resources, the latest information on product safety standards, government-sponsored programs and services for inventors and small business owners, industry publications, and much more.

“The Guide is an extensive, easy-to-understand map that for years has served as an important go-to resource for numerous inventors and designers,” said Ken Ebeling, TIA’s vice president of strategic development and member services. “This latest release reflects TIA’s commitment to providing our members and the broader creative community with up-to-date information that will support the continued creation of fresh, innovative playthings.”

The release of the third edition comes on the heels of TIA’s four-part National Inventor Month article series, published in May, which examined emerging industry opportunities and challenges facing today’s inventors. Topics addressed included inspiration, crowdfunding, 3D printing, and bringing product to market.     

For additional resources tailored for toy inventors and designers, visit the TIA website.