TIA Seeks Industry Feedback on CPSC Voluntary Recall Notice Draft Rule

January 21, 2014 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is requesting feedback from industry stakeholders regarding a proposed Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) interpretive rule which includes several changes to current practices and public notices related to voluntary product recalls that would have a significant impact on future corrective action negotiations between companies and the CPSC.

TIA members are invited to submit their feedback to Rebecca Mond, TIA director of federal government affairs, by Friday January 24th; all feedback will be folded into TIA’s comments to the CPSC on behalf of the toy industry. Comments are due to the CPSC on February 4th.

As previously reported, the proposed amended rule includes guidelines and principles for companies who submit voluntary recall notices as part of corrective action plans under Section 15 of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). Currently, a public notice must be issued to notify consumers and other individuals of any recall action that a company agrees to undertake; however, the new rule includes guidelines for what information must be shared in a public notice. Furthermore, any company that violates the terms of a corrective action plan and fails to fulfill the terms of a recall would be subject to potential court action.

“TIA and its members support the current cooperative voluntary recall process,” stated Ed Desmond, TIA executive vice president of external affairs. “While we are open to genuine improvements to the process, we believe that the proposed changes as written could have significant negative consequences that would ultimately undermine an award-winning voluntary recall system that has worked well for the past 40 years.”

Questions on this topic may be directed to TIA’s Rebecca Mond (202.459.0352).