There’s Still Time: TOYPAC Donors Eligible to Win Toy Fair ’15 or Travel Prize Package

June 2, 2014 | There is still time for Toy Industry Association (TIA) members to donate to the industry’s Toy Political Action Committee (TOYPAC) – an important advocacy tool that helps TIA and its membership engage elected officials nationwide on issues that impact toy companies. Individuals who donate to the industry’s PAC will be eligible to win a Toy Fair ’15 or personal travel prize package valued at up to $2,800.

“As this year’s midterm election cycle gets underway, a strong and well-supported TOYPAC will help assure the continuation of our industry’s effective presence in the political arena … convey a unified perspective on public policy issues … and provide TIA staff with additional opportunities to advocate on behalf of toy companies of all sizes,” said Ed Desmond, TIA executive vice president of external affairs.

As previously reported, TIA has been engaged in a campaign this spring to increase member participation in TOYPAC. The PAC collects voluntary personal donations from salaried exempt employees of TIA members, combines those funds into a more substantial amount, and directs those contributions to support key legislators.

Individuals who submit a legally required Prior Approval Form and make a TOYPAC contribution of $100 or more will be entered into the campaign’s final TOYPAC raffle, featuring one of two prize packages of the winner’s choosing:

Toy Fair Package (awarded to winner’s company)

  • FREE 10x10 booth space OR 100 additional sq. ft. at Toy Fair 2015
  • Up to $500 in hotel stay during Toy Fair 2015


Travel Package (awarded to winner)

  • Up to $1,000 for two round-trip tickets to a destination of your choice in the continental U.S.
  • Up to $1,000 for hotel stay

Participants will receive a raffle entry for every $100 that they donate, up to $5,000. Click here to make a contribution.

For more information about TOYPAC and the raffle, visit the TIA website, review TOYPAC’s Frequently Asked Questions, or contact TIA’s Rachel Hedge (202.459.0355).