Toy Company Support Needed to Prevent Passage of Harmful Bills in CT and VT

March 18, 2014 | The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is urging Vermont- and Connecticut-based toy companies to take action against flawed bills that are quickly moving through the legislative process and could have a damaging impact on toy companies with business operations in those states.

If passed, Vermont Senate Bill 239 and Connecticut House Bill 5354 and Senate Bill 126 would result in arbitrary lists of products that contain certain “chemicals of concern” and would result in additional testing costs for toy companies, which would have to report and publicly list any products containing the identified chemicals.  

“These bills are highly flawed and unnecessary, as toy companies must already comply with very strict federal toy safety standards and regulations that are currently in place to protect children,” said Ed Desmond, TIA executive vice president of external affairs. “When states pass individual laws, such as those proposed in Connecticut and Vermont, compliance becomes unmanageable and very costly, and product safety is not improved.”

Swift action by toy companies and their employees is urgently needed.  Companies can file pre-formatted letters (links below) to their State Representatives and Senators to support TIA lobbying efforts in: 
Companies must submit their contact information and then simply edit the second paragraph of each letter to provide company-specific information.

Those who would like to advocate in person in Hartford, CT on March 24th are invited to participate in TIA-organized visits to key legislative offices. These meetings are a critically important opportunity for toy companies to defend the safety of their products and to explain the harmful impact that overlapping state bills have on their businesses. To participate in one or several of these meetings, contact Andy Hackman (202-570-8526 /

TIA will keep members apprised of developments.