Toys Sold in Gulf Region Now Need to Carry QR Code 

May 30, 2019 | All toys sold in the Gulf region now need to carry a QR code, according to Saudi authorities and the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO). The Toy Association was informed of this news by its EU partner, Toy Industries of Europe (TIE).

The gulf conformity tracking symbol (GCTS) can only be provided through a “notified body” accredited by the GSO and may cost approximately $500 to $600 per item. The GCTS is already mandatory in Saudi Arabia, where it is a prerequisite to register on the Saudi SALEEM/SABER platform.

The Toy Association and TIE are contesting the requirement and holding discussions with GSO to see how to minimize the impact on toy companies. Toy Association members will be kept apprised of developments.

Members may contact Alan Kaufman, The Toy Association’s senior vice president of technical affairs, for more information.