Expanding the Global Toy Marketplace: What U.S. Companies Should Know About Entering Brazil & China

The Toy Industry Association engaged Altios International and Kidz Global, two global market research consultancies, to gather data that would help member companies looking to enter or increase activity in the Chinese and Brazilian toy markets.


This hour-and-a-half webinar provides highlights from two sets of commissioned research that examined market demographics, consumer behavior and export opportunities and threats in China and Brazil in order to assist toy companies looking to enter these foreign toy markets.

Target Audience:

All TIA members and non-member toy companies; specifically recommended for executives and staff responsible for international development, sales, marketing, and research. 

What You Will Learn:

The webinar discusses high-level research findings on opportunities, obstacles and key success factors for expanding distribution into the Brazilian and Chinese toy markets. Data from Kidz Global analyzes business opportunities (e.g., demographics; trends; cultural customs; and consumer behavior) in both countries to help companies better understand the markets and how best to position their product lines. Business intelligence from Altios International (e.g., economic indicators; ideal target product categories, audiences and retail channels; promotional opportunities; etc.) offers insights to help companies develop sound market entry strategies.

Presented by:

Anne McConnell, Director, Market Research & Data Strategy, Toy Industry Association, Inc.


Alexis Martin, Managing Director & Partner, Altios International
Before joining Altios International in 2007, Alexis worked in the aerospace and telecom industries in the U.S., always focusing on international business development. He is originally from Paris, France, where he earned a Msc. degree in Business from one of the top business schools and was the valedictorian in entrepreneurship specialization.

About Altios International:
Altios International is a global business development firm focused on helping organizations grow through international expansion and cross-border investments in the world's leading markets. The company combines a highly specialized range of services with a powerful, well-positioned global network of 16 offices in the most attractive markets: the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, India, China, Singapore, and Australia. With 150 additional partners in 80 countries, Altios has operations in the world's major economic centers, key regional locations and emerging market hubs.

Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO, Kidz Global
Prior to joining Kidz Global, Philippe was a director of The NPD Group Inc., a leading global provider of consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. He started as a Durable Goods Consultant at AC Nielsen prior to joining NPD. He has extensive experience in the toys and games, and licensing and entertainment industries in the North American, European, Australian, Latin American and Asian markets. Philippe has more than 22 years of marketing and analysis experience, offering expert insight into understanding the Durable Goods markets throughout the world, as well as analyzing the retail landscape, competition, consumer behavior and brand line architecture, and assisting his clients in planning strategies to achieve the best results for their product segments. He has lived on three continents and travels the world extensively, living and breathing the international marketplace.

About Kidz Global
Kidz Global is a quantitative market research and consulting firm specializing in digital research, as well as in creating and managing proprietary online research panels and communities. Kidz Global provides intelligence on child-, teen- and family-oriented consumer markets around the world.