Chemical Management Strategy Innovation for Toys


Toy companies and their partners (vendors, raw material suppliers, retailers, etc.) are facing an increasing set of regulatory and market requirements regarding chemicals in products. The revised European Toy Safety Directive and State of Washington Children’s Safe Products Act are two examples of these new requirements. To meet these challenges, all participants in the toy product value chain must reevaluate---and in many cases, revise---their chemical management strategy.


The webinar provided participants with a better understanding of what chemical management in toys is, why companies may need to revisit their current strategy in light of new regulations and market expectations, and how to get started.

Target Audience:

Open to all toy industry stakeholders, recommended for those who work on toy design, production, procurement, raw material supply, manufacturing, and quality.

Additional Information

Topics covered during this session on Chemical Management Strategy for Toys included:

  • Why companies need it
    A review of recent legislation, discussion of trends in the roles of suppliers, retailers, and NGOs

  • What it looks like
    A primer on chemical safety/risk assessment, alternatives assessment, restricted substance screening, and resources needed by companies

  • How to get started
    First steps to take, gathering product chemical data, engaging suppliers and how to prioritize

  • Available solutions


Alan P. Kaufman, TIA vice president of technical affairs

Presented by:

Joe Rinkevich, Cofounder, SciVera, LLC
Joe leads product development and customer relationships for SciVera drawing on over 20 years of professional experience in industry. Throughout his career, Joe has led successful startups and consulted to senior executives on how their business can generate lasting value by integrating environmental and sustainability strategy in all aspects of the enterprise. Without exception, this work has uncovered the need to empower professionals across many organizational functions with the reliable, cost-effective resources to make proactive decisions about product improvement, supplier relationships and product life cycle development. In addition to having worked with a range of corporations like Dell, Nike, Walmart, General Motors and DuPont, Joe also supports government and intergovernmental efforts on environment and sustainability as well as speaking and teaching at several universities and annual conferences.

Education: Master of Urban & Environmental Planning, University of Virginia; BSc. Business Administration, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Patricia Beattie, Ph.D., D.A.B.T. , Vice President, SciVera LLC
Pat leads quality assurance efforts for SciVera with a strong focus on expanding the use of SciVera Lens and SciVera's consulting services across several sectors including toys, footwear and apparel, electronics, and automotive, among others. With over 25 years of work as an executive at General Motors and her extensive international experience in applied toxicology, risk assessment and chemical regulatory support, Pat brings a broad set of skills to growing SciVera's reach across a number of sectors. Most recently as the Director, Chemical Risk Management, Environmental Services for General Motors, Pat has long been at the forefront of addressing the challenges and opportunities of business strategy as it relates to chemical policy at the corporate and government level, as well as regularly interacting with industry groups and non-governmental organizations.

Education: BS in Chemistry from The University of Arizona; MS and Ph.D. in Toxicology from The University of Michigan; Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology (D.A.B.T.).

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