Preparing for a Product Recall or Crisis


This one-hour webinar provides TIA members and other stakeholders in the toy, juvenile product and youth entertainment industries with advice on how best to prepare for a product recall or other crisis that could negatively affect a company’s reputation with consumers, retailers, regulators and other key constituents.     

Target Audience:

Safety professionals, compliance officers, government affairs representatives, customer service and public relations staff of toy, juvenile product and youth entertainment companies.

More Information:

The session helps companies understand the importance, structure and resources needed to develop a comprehensive corporate strategy that will enable them to be prepared for all issues:  safety-related actions such as a formal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)-administered product recall; consumer complaints registered with the new CPSIA-required complaint database,; business issues such as factory or shipping issues, sales, and other in-store actions; lawsuits and other crises.  The program includes:

  • This could happen to you:  A case study in the power of social networks
  • Recall basics:  Working with consumers, regulators, retailers
  • Preparing for the worst:  Scenario contingency planning
  • Getting ready:  A step by step guide to preparing a response plan
  • Winning the battle:  Protecting long term reputation and getting back to business

Webinar Access:

The full webinar can be accessed online via the following links:

NOTE 1: Mac users will need to download the VLC Media Player to view the recording.

NOTE 2: Two videos broadcast during the presentation are not displaying in the recording of the webinar; a third was unable to be broadcast during the session.  The relevant links are shown below.

  • Slide 6:    Meet Mr. Squiggles (YouTube)
  • Slide 13:  Reputation Intact (YouTube)
  • Slide 26:  Firestone and Ford Controversy (YouTube)

Presented by:

Introduction by Ed Desmond, TIA Executive Vice President, External Affairs.


  • Andrew Frank, Partner, Strategy XXI
  • Phil Armstrong, Managing Principal, PCA Company
  • Howard Auginbaugh, Senior Strategist, Stericycle
  • David Schmeltzer, Expert Consultant, Stericycle