With respect to the importance of compliance with the antitrust laws of the United States:

Members of any organization are required to be in full compliance with and cognizant of the limitations of federal and state antitrust laws.  The purpose of these laws is to allow and encourage free and open competition among members of any industry.  It is important that all members of The Toy Association, members and others attending Toy Association meetings, and those who are communicating via Toy Association-sponsored online resources (websites, social media outlets, etc.) are fully aware of the limitations and requirements of these laws.

Under the antitrust laws, the topics listed below should not be discussed at any time or be the subject of any type of agreement between or among members, whether formal or informal, express or implied:

    1. Standardization or stabilization of prices
    2. Current or future prices to be charged to customers or by suppliers
    3. Possible increases or decreases in such prices
    4. Whether the pricing practices of any competitive industry member, supplier or distributor are “unethical” or constitute an “unfair trade practice”
    5. Pricing procedures or methods for determination
    6. What constitutes a “fair” profit level
    7. Cash discounts
    8. Credit terms
    9. Warranty terms
    10. Production levels
    11. Refusals to deal with a supplier or distributor
    12. Compilation of an approved list of customers or suppliers
    13. Control of sales
    14. Coordination of bids or requests for bids
    15. Allocation of markets or customers
    16. Standardization of products or systems that are designed to, or in effect, unreasonably discriminate against some competitors
    17. Required implementation of what is otherwise considered to be voluntary guidelines or standards.

Anyone who violates or otherwise disregards these requirements may be restricted from future The Toy Association online communications, events, or activities.

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