The Toy Association periodically solicits toy donations from our members for a variety of purposes throughout the year.  We are very grateful to our member companies for their generosity in providing toys for these various needs. 


TIF has a robust and successful Toy Bank program that gathers and distributes over $6 million worth of toys to needy children throughout the year.  Companies contribute toys on an on-going basis and the majority of these donations are distributed to legitimate children’s charities for us by Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.), which maintains a list of qualified recipients (confirmation of 501(c)(3) philanthropic status is required). 

In some cases, TIF solicits toy donations in connection with specific events scheduled with its partnership programs, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs events at U.S. military bases. For more information about upcoming TIF events and solicitations, contact

The Foundation scrupulously avoids making toy donations that might be misconstrued and jeopardize TIF’s own 501(c)(3) status.  For this reason, certain requests will be coordinated directly by The Toy Association.

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The Toy Association EXTERNAL AFFAIRS

The Toy Association’s External Affairs team often receives requests from legislators/policymakers for toy donations for various charities or events.  Requests for legitimate children’s charities in a legislator’s district or that are otherwise supported by the policymaker are typically referred to K.I.D.S. for fulfillment.  Less frequently (usually two or three times per year and often around the holidays), requests for toys to distribute at a local event may be received from a key legislator … but there is very little notice and no time to work through the K.I.D.S process.  In these rare cases, we may reach out with a special solicitation. 

In addition, The Toy Association’s External Affairs team participates throughout the year in events and conferences to raise the visibility of the toy industry among state and federal legislators.   Toy giveaways at these events have opened the door for great discussions of our key issues and the industry’s leadership in toy safety, philanthropy, “green chemistry” and more. 

Our new approach is to solicit members for a single donation of 500-1000 toys that can be used for last-minute legislative charity donations at the end of the year as well as for conferences, including:

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The Toy Association’s Communications team works with PR agencies and member companies throughout the year to promote trends and products and also to promote the toy industry at large. 

For promotional purposes, only when a product suggested by a company is accepted for use in a specific video is a sample requested.  No more than ten (10) products per year will be accepted by an individual company during a calendar year.

Periodically, The Toy Association will also participate in events to promote the toy industry.  When The Toy Association participates as a sponsor or otherwise has an opportunity to distribute materials, we may solicit toys to include with other Association materials.  Examples of recent events – some organized in conjunction with the External Affairs team – include:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics (October)
  • World Standards Day – Standards for a Safer World (October)
  • International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization (February)
  • Sandbox Summit at MIT (April)
  • Big City Moms "Biggest Baby Shower Event” (May)

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