Congressional District Coffee Week


Monday, August 19th through Friday, August 23rd


Summer recess means Members of Congress will be in their home states / districts and available to meet locally with their constituents.

The first-ever Toy Industry Congressional District Coffee Week – a new component of TIA’s grassroots advocacy program – capitalizes on the proximity of legislators to constituents in their district. 

TIA staff will organize face-to-face meetings that bring toy companies and other industry stakeholders together with their senator or representative for frank discussions about the key issues affecting the toy industry.  From chemical regulation to environmental sustainability, and online privacy to the economic impact of toy businesses to the local economy, these meetings will provide an opportunity for companies to help their representatives understand the impact federal policy decisions have on real people and companies. Participants need not be lobbyists to take part in this critical activity. Company representatives will primarily need to speak to their company and its products; TIA staff will provide talking points and other informational documents regarding key industry issues.


Members of the TIA government affairs team will leverage their day-to-day relationships with legislators and their staff to facilitate the scheduling of meetings. 

Toy Industry Congressional District Coffee Week will occur primarily during the period of August 19th – 23rd (some variance is expected due to the availability of both the toy industry participants and the legislators).   

Background documents on industry issues and other briefing materials, including the economic impact of the toy industry in the state and/or district, will be provided by TIA staff prior to your meeting.


To participate, please complete the online form to let TIA know about your availability and any personal relationships you have with legislative contacts.

To allow sufficient time for scheduling of meetings, please respond with your expression of interest as soon as possible but no later than Friday, July 19th.

Questions and More Information 

Rachel Derby (202.459.0351) 
Director, Federal Government Affairs