The Toy Industry Hall of Fame at The Strong

The Toy Industry Hall of Fame has a new home!

The new, state-of-the-art Toy Halls of Fame exhibit was unveiled at The Strong museum in Rochester, NY on September 17, 2015. This cutting-edge installation features inductees of both the Toy Industry Hall of Fame and National Toy Hall of Fame under one roof, showcasing the toys beloved by generations and the toy industry trailblazers who helped bring those toys to life.

Museum-goers are invited to learn about the toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame and luminaries in the Toy Industry Hall of Fame at two 10-foot kiosks at the center of the exhibit, each featuring etched glass plaques and touch screen monitors with biographical information about each inductee.

In addition, the exhibit features five themed areas — imagine, create, build, move, and compete — and encourages families to experience first-hand the magic of play. Visitors can:

  • Climb the dramatic exhibit staircase and view a gallery of 21 portraits of classic toys, some of which move and interact with guests in humorous ways.
  • Marvel at a digital Jack-in-the-Box that displays animated toy characters.
  • Step up to a 20-foot bubble tower and create virtual bubbles that can be moved and popped by motion-capture technology.
  • Orchestrate a dazzling music and light show with the Crayon Piano.
  • Use Kinect motion control to play with classic toys and Crayon easels in a 24-foot virtual play room.
  • Use cranks, pulleys, and cords to interact with a 20-foot-tall kinetic toy sculpture made up of building blocks, balls, a toy car race track, and more.
  • Pose in front of an oversized Etch A Sketch for a virtual portrait that can be shared with friends and family.
  • Aim an air cannon to manipulate a 20-foot mobile hanging over the atrium.

Made possible in part by:

Neil B. Friedman
Funrise Toy Corporation
Hasbro Children’s Fund, Inc.
The Hassenfeld Foundation
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.
Tom & Karen Kalinske
LEGO Systems Inc.
Mattel Children’s Foundation
Pressman Toy Corporation
Radio Flyer Inc.
Toys“R”Us, Inc.

This project is supported by New York State's Empire State Development and the I ♥ NY Division of Tourism under Governor Andrew Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Council Initiative. Additional grant funding provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Strong is dedicated to examining the ways in which play encourages learning, creativity, and discovery, and illuminates cultural history, and is the only collections-based museum in the world devoted exclusively to play. The museum boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of toys, dolls, games, electronic games, books, photographs, documents, and other historical materials related to play. In addition to the National Toy Hall of Fame, The Strong houses the National Museum of Play, the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, and the Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play, as well as publishes the American Journal of Play.