U.S. Toy Industry Economic Impact

This system allows TIA staff and its contracted lobbyists to access information on the economic impact of the toy industry in the United States.

If you are a first-time user, please see below the form for simple instructions.

For additional information, please download a copy of the Report Methodology.

Instructions for Use

Reports can be generated in a few simple steps:

Step One: 

Use the "Select" drop-down menu to choose "United States" or a specific State

Step Two:

For State reports, you may further refine the geographic area by selecting a House, Senate or Congressional District from the tabs and drop-down menus  
(NOTE: If no district is selected, the report will reflect the state chosen)

Step Three:   Select the desired output report by clicking on the appropriate button
(NOTE: The "National Impact Report" is only available when "United States" has been selected in Step One)  
Step Four:     Select the appropriate TIA Government Affairs staff member (GA Rep) from the drop down menu
(NOTE: This staff person's name and contact details will appear in the "Additional Information" section at the end of the report)
Step Five:  Select the preferred report format (Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word)
Step Six:  Click on “View” to run the report (don’t forget to save the output document to your preferred location!) 

If not already installed on your computer: download Adobe Acrobat Reader