The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical (CARE) Process (ICP) promotes ethical manufacturing in the worldwide children’s products industry supply chain through both fair labor treatment and employee health and safety practices. The intent of the ICP is to provide a single, fair, thorough and consistent program to assure that toy and juvenile products factory workers worldwide are treated fairly and have safe and humane workplace environments.

The U.S. Toy Industry Association was the first national toy association to require all of its members to participate in the ICTI CARE Process.


This webinar provided toy companies with an update on recent and upcoming ICTI CARE Process activities aimed at eliminating substandard health, safety and labor practices in toy factories around the world.   


This session is specifically recommended for staffs that share responsibility for social compliance policies (e.g., HR, legal, procurement or sourcing teams, third-party auditors, etc.). 


CEO’s, employees, consumers, regulators and activists around the globe have made the elimination of substandard health, safety and labor practices for workers and assuring adherence to strict social compliance standards a top priority.  However, emerging trends in purchasing practices (e.g., retailers placing orders closer to peak seasons causing toy companies to struggle to meet shorter delivery times) are having a significant impact on conditions for factory workers (e.g., longer shifts; excessive required overtime; health and safety shortcuts; etc.).  

Topics included in this webinar were:

  • An overview of recent and upcoming ICTI CARE Process activities and decisions;
  • A report of recent studies evaluating the effectiveness of the ICTI CARE Process, including the Date Certain program;
  • A panel discussion of the impact brand and retailer purchasing practices are having on factory workplace conditions;
  • An interactive discussion to explore these emerging purchasing issues and how they impact the ICTI CARE Process .


Ed Desmond, Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Toy Industry Association


Christian Ewert, President and Chief Executive Officer, ICTI CARE Foundation
Christian Ewert is an ex-officio member of the Governance Board of the ICTI CARE Foundation as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Toy Industries CARE Foundation since July 2004. The Foundation is the parent of the ICTI CARE Process, the toy industry’s ethical manufacturing program. He established and is responsible for supervising the ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd. Hong Kong operations office including its auditing, training and education programs, fundraising and outreach activities pertaining to toy associations, and global and national brands and retailers, to secure their participation in the ICTI CARE Process.

Mark Jones, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Elevate 
The first 15 years of Mark’s career included management positions at Barclays Bank plc in corporate planning (Manager – Long Term Planning), commercial finance (VP-Commercial Lending), and technology management (SVP- Network Services).  Following Barclays, Mark held the senior business leadership position at TSL (technology financial management), Salinas Group (internet security) and VCF (supply chain management services).  It was through his experience at VCF that Mark was first introduced to social compliance.  Mark joined ELEVATE (formerly INFACT Global Partners) shortly after it was founded helping bring the new company to market and developing the services portfolio.

Industry Panelists: To be announced


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Due to a difficulty with the recording of this webinar, no live presentation is available.  If there are any questions regarding the presentation or additional notes, please contact TIA’s Jackie Retzer. We apologize for the inconvenience.