The toy industry moves at a rapid pace. TIA’s industry reports provide you with the up-to-date information you need to accurately assess the marketplace and make informed business decisions to keep you on the road to success.


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It's More Than PlayThis trend report is customized for the Toy Industry Association by the Trend Hunter and provides insights in to the trends of different types of play, focusing on: Infant Education; Digitized Creativity; Inter-Active Play; Hybridized Play; Facilitated Family Time; Conscientious Play; and more.

The report includes three sections: Consumer Insights, which provide idea patterns designed to teach about creativity in the toy industry and others so that members can develop innovations for their brands; Clustered Lists, with each focusing on numerous micro-trends or collections of unique ideas with many examples and links to track innovation in a specific market; and Specific Examples, using relevant and recent case studies, and authoritative articles spanning thousands of topics.

The report is free and available only to TIA members.

The Toy Specialty Shopper: Perceptions and Behaviors of Toy Specialty Shoppers

The Toy Specialty ShopperThis proprietary consumer study conducted for the Toy Industry Association by The NPD Group provides insights into consumer usage and perceptions of the toy specialty channel. The report includes a profile of the toy specialty shopper, key attributes of stores that drive consumers to shop there and barriers that keep some from shopping in these stores, toy purchase planning and spending, and consumer behavior in the store. It also addresses cross-shopping behavior, including the influence of online.

Non-members may purchase this report for $295 and should contact TIA’s Anne McConnell.

2015 Financial and Operating Benchmark Survey

Financial and Operating Benchmark SurveyThe confidential Financial and Operating Benchmark Survey collected financial and operations data this past spring from 63 TIA member companies in the United States and Canada – public and private as well as small, mid-size and large organizations – that are involved in the manufacturing, importing and distribution of toys. The report allows companies to compare their financial and operating figures against other companies of similar size, category and distribution channel as well as reported industry norms, and identify opportunities for business performance improvement.

Manufacturers who are interested in purchasing the report should contact TIA’s Bernadette Boyle. The results package is $750 for member manufacturers and $1,500 for non-member manufacturers.

Strategies for Growth in the Toy Industry

Shifting ChannelsIn response to a quickly evolving retail landscape, how should toymakers refine their strategies? Developed in cooperation with TIA by Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, this report examines shifting trends in toy distribution channels and potential pathways to success, based on secondary research and in-depth interviews with key toy stakeholders.

The U.S. Marketplace and the Toy Industry, 2015

The U.S. Marketplace and the Toy IndustryThe U.S. Marketplace and the Toy Industry report provides detailed business intelligence to help toy companies expand their business. The full report includes economic indicators, ideal target regions, audiences, retail channels, promotional opportunities, toy industry trends, and other key information.

The American Toy Consumer & Kids' Routines

Kidz GlobalThis TIA-commissioned report from Kidz Global analyzes U.S. child population trends, consumer behavior and holiday shopping trends in order to assist toy companies in their efforts to increase sales activity in the U.S. toy market. The report also explores brand trends, children’s weekly routines — including where, when, how and with whom children play, segmented by gender and age — to help companies understand how best to position their product lines.

2014 Value of Play Research

Value of PlayAs part of TIA’s ongoing Genius of Play awareness campaign, the Association commissioned Martin Research Consulting to conduct consumer research on the value of play. This report provides a detailed view of the role of play in children’s lives from the perspective of 2,000 parents nationwide. Areas explored include the level of importance that parents place on play, the perceived benefits of play, which type of play is most valuable, and how family structure affects toy purchasing.


Marketing StudyThe Toy Industry Marketing and Promotions Survey is TIA’s first-ever industry-wide study on toy manufacturers’ marketing and promotions practices. The final report, based on data collected this past spring from 88 TIA member toy manufacturers, features quantitative and qualitative information segmented to help companies compare their strategies and budgets to other companies of similar size, distribution channel and net sales.

Toy and Game Decision Making Study

Toy and Game Decision Making StudyThis TIA-commissioned report — the first fact-based study of its kind — analyzes the changing ways that families make decisions about toy and game purchases, which decision-making styles are currently most prevalent, and the different paths to purchase those styles trigger. The report draws from data collected by experts at The Family Room, a strategic consultancy firm in the child and family marketing arena, after surveying 2,600 moms, dads and kids nationwide in April of 2013.

Toy Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey

2012 Toy Industry Compensation and Benefits SurveyThis TIA Members-Only survey provides detail on compensation levels and companywide benefits packages for more than 70 toy industry position titles in the United States and Canada. Participants in the survey included more than 50 TIA member companies directly engaged in the manufacture, importing and distribution of toys. Non-members may purchase the results for $695. All access requests must be submitted to TIA at