TIA has partnered with to prepare customized monthly reports on toy- and industry-related topics. is the world’s largest collection of insightful ideas and data designed to spark innovation. Each report provides high level patterns, clustered lists and unique examples to inspire new ideas. These 50 to 100-page reports are loaded with 300-400 examples which link to full articles. The reports can help inspire creative ideas and help members better understand their customers, improve existing projects/products, explore new concepts, and help you come up with “the next big thing.”


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Trend Report Topics:

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  • April 2017 - Electronics and Toys
  • March 2017 - Teens and Tweens
  • February 2017 - Emotional Marketing
  • January 2017 - E-Commerce
  • December 2016 - Traditional Toys
  • November 2016 - Experiential Marketing
  • October 2016 - Emerging Technologies
  • September 2016 - Social Media Marketing
  • August 2016 - STEM / STEAM
  • July 2016 - Modern Family
  • June 2016 - Retail
  • May 2016 - It's More Than Play