Toy Industry Next GenerationJoin the Next Generation of Toy Industry Professionals

TING is a special interest group for “young” toy industry professionals that is enthusiastically endorsed and supported by the Toy Industry Association.


Toy inventors and designers, licensors, manufacturers, retailers, and other industry professionals who are under the age of 40 qualify to be members of TING.   (If you’re over 40 but still want to participate, join us as a “Friend of TING.”)



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TING supports the growth and retention of “young” and “new” professionals in the toy industry through networking and social opportunities; education and information-sharing for professional development; participation with philanthropic organizations and community service; and more.

TING-sponsored activities help members foster, early in their toy career, a high level of personal investment within the industry and develop successful career tracks.

Many TING activities are free (or discounted) for representatives of TIA members. Individuals from non-member companies are welcome to participate in most TING-sponsored activities for a modest fee.

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TING gives young (and young at heart) toy industry professionals a forum to:


TING will create opportunities for members to come together – regionally as well as at major toy industry events – for the purpose of networking, social opportunities, professional development, educational opportunities and community service. TING is also planning to create a peer-to-peer support network for members to share ideas, opinions, experiences, and to raise questions to the group.


TING will focus on education and professional development by organizing speakers and discussion panels made up of Toy Industry Hall of Fame members, other industry leaders and young professionals that will benefit and be of interest to TING members.


TING supports the Toy Industry Foundation and will allow members to participate in local and national community service opportunities.

TING was founded in January 2013 by:

Marcus Kent
Waffle Prints, LLC

Lauren Lorenzo
Child’s Play Communications

Tam Luu
Nowstalgic Toys, Inc.

Jeff Mumford
Hog Wild Toys

Steve Starobinsky
Diverse Marketing

Carl Zealer
Nowstalgic Toys, Inc.


For more information about TING and its activities, contact TIA’s Adrienne Appell (646.520.4863) or check out TING on social media: