Let Your Voice Be Heard

TIA needs you and your company to be engaged in our advocacy today! A trade association can do what one individual company cannot do on its own – advocate a unified position on behalf of an entire industry. But the power of your company’s voice on policies impacting the toy industry is critical to the success of TIA’s advocacy.  

Here is what you can do to help us today:

Get Connected

Contact TIA staff and let us know that you would like to be an advocate for the toy industry. TIA members can also participate in our Federal and State Government Affairs Committees (FGAC and SGAC) to help shape the direction of TIA’s advocacy priorities.

Email us to get more engaged today!

Host a Tour of Your Company

Hosting a tour of your toy company, no matter the size or scope of operations, can go a long way in creating a positive impression of the toy industry.  For policymakers there is nothing more impactful than learning about the companies and employees in their district. 

Email to let us know if you would be interested in hosting a tour. TIA staff will handle all the logistics and planning associated with scheduling the event with relevant policymakers and can provide on-site assistance with policymakers and their staff.

Participate in TIA Advocacy Events

TIA hosts major advocacy events throughout the year. Learn how you can participate:

Visit Your Elected Officials at the Capitol

If you have plans to travel to Washington D.C. or your state’s capitol, let TIA know! We can facilitate an agenda of meetings with your legislators and key policymakers. For companies to take the time to meet with these lawmakers demonstrates to them the critical importance of industry issues. Hearing directly from the companies and employees in their district during a legislative session can have a tremendous impact. 

Email to let us know if you plan to visit Washington D.C. or your state’s capitol and are willing to meet with your elected officials.

Encourage Your Congressman to Join the Toy Caucus

In September of 2013, the toy industry formed the Congressional Toy Caucus, which is comprised of Members of Congress that support the positive benefits of the toy industry. The Toy Caucus’ goal is to open a positive dialogue about issues facing the U.S. toy industry and the important role that our industry plays in the development and education of our nation’s children.

The TOY CAUCUS promotes:

  • The Safety of Toys
  • The Growth of Small Toy Businesses
  • The Value of Play
  • The Creativity and Innovation of the Toy Industry
  • The Economic Impact of the Toy Industry
  • The Increase of free trade and the opening of international markets for U.S. toy companies

Grassroots Action Center

TIA needs your participation in grassroots advocacy to deliver critical messages about key industry issues to lawmakers in our nation’s capital and in state legislatures across the country.

TIA’s Grassroots Action Center will help you keep up to date on federal and state policy initiatives that impact your business, employees and customers. More importantly, it easily empowers you to contact your Congressman or State Representative or get involved in industry events.

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