Safety: The #1 Priority of the Toy Industry

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) consistently ranks toys among the safest of 15 consumer product categories commonly found in the home. All toys sold in the United States – no matter where they are produced – are highly regulated. Conformance to tough U.S. safety standards must be demonstrated by third-party testing labs accredited by the federal government. But safety is not something that can be added in (or merely tested for) after a toy is made … it is an ongoing process that begins when a new idea is conceived and carries through every step of design and production, through the arrival of a toy on a store shelf and then into the home.

TIA’s toy safety assurance initiatives are built upon three pillars that focus on:

Safety Standards

Industry Outreach

Consumer Guidance

Establishing, implementing and maintaining uniform risk-based national safety standards;
Educating the industry and other stakeholders about these standards and ways to verify that — from design to delivery — toys entering the U.S. marketplace comply with stringent safety requirements;
Guiding parents, grandparents and other caregivers on how to choose appropriate toys, encourage positive play experiences and, above all, ensure safe play.

Learn more about “How the Toy Industry is Helping to Keep Kids Safe” in this article (.pdf download).


Since the first toy safety requirements were published in the early 1930s, experts from industry, government, consumer groups, retailers, academia and the medical profession have worked together to ensure they remain current. Updates to these standards are shaped by the latest child development research, medical and toy-related incident data, risk assessment techniques, scientific reports, and product and manufacturing innovations from around the globe. U.S. standards are recognized among the most protective toy safety specifications in the world.

TIA's Safety Standards and Technical Committee monitors activity on issues related to product safety, standards, testing and quality assurance issues that affect the toy industry. The Committee helps formulate the Association’s policies and positions relating to such matters to advocate on behalf of all segments of the toy industry.

The toy industry’s leadership in safety standards has been recognized by recent accolades, including:


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