Product Recalls

The toy industry works hand-in-hand with government agencies and other groups to protect consumers from products that violate strict federal safety laws or that present a hazard. Recalls are an important part of this robust system, creating a “safety net” to remove faulty product from the distribution chain and, when necessary, out of consumers’ homes. Less than .003% of all toys sold each year in the United States are recalled.

Providing safe toys for children is the toy industry’s highest priority. Assuring that all play is safe is a shared responsibility with parents and other caregivers. To help families verify whether any items that require action are found in their home, TIA maintains information about the latest recalls using recall data provided by the CPSC.

See the list of recalls here:


The following are a variety of resources to help TIA members and other stakeholders in the toy, juvenile product and youth entertainment industries in the event of a product recall or other crisis:

  • CPSC Recall Handbook
    A guide for manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers that helps companies understand their recall obligations and responsibilities.  [Page 26, VIII has a section on developing a company policy and plan to identify defective products and to undertake a product recall.]

  • TIA Webinar: “Preparing for a Product Recall or Crisis”
    This session helps companies understand the importance, structure and resources needed to develop a comprehensive corporate strategy that will enable them to anticipate and proactively address potential issues.

  • Product Liability and Product Recall Insurance
    The following insurance brokers have extensive experience in managing comprehensive insurance programs for toy manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers. Areas of expertise include product liability and product recall, as well as property coverage, intellectual property infringement, ocean cargo & property, employee benefits programs, and more:

    A “one stop shop” for all U.S. government recalls.

    This consumer-facing website offers toy safety tips, facts and Q+As from experts at the Toy Industry Association — as well as info on CPSC recalls — to help families and caregivers ensure that playtime is fun and safe.