The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is sorry to announce that the 2013 ToyDesignCon will not be held.

To receive information regarding available resources and future educational opportunities for the toy industry’s creative community, please register here.

ToyDesignConIf you have received and styled an “I Create” t-shirt, tweet a picture of your design to @toyindustryassn to celebrate the creativity displayed each day by the toy industry’s in-house design teams!


Hosted at The Strong, home of the National Museum of Play, ToyDesignCon is ‘continuing education’ for members of the corporate in-house design teams (e.g., toy designers, creative team managers, and other creative professionals) from TIA member companies.

TIA continues to support the International Toy & Game Inventor and Industry Conference (T & G Con) and the International Summit for Profession Inventors (I-SPI) sponsored by the Chicago Toy & Game Group, and we encourage independent toy inventors and designers to attend that conference.

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Jackie Retzer (646.454.5587)
TIA Communications Assistant

Looking Back at ToyDesignCon 2012

TIA’s Inaugural ToyDesignCon 2012 Delivers Inspiration and InformationOn June 24-26, 2012, the Toy Industry Association and The Strong, home of the National Museum of Play, hosted toy designers, design teams, creative team managers, and other creative professionals from TIA member organizations and other toy companies that came together for a  “play date” at the world’s most comprehensive historical collection of toys and games.

This inaugural event brought together the toy industry’s creative professionals for a unique design conference.  Featured topics spanned the history of toy design, offered new ways to innovate, and provided updates on emerging regulations and technology affecting current and future design.  The Strong’s vast resources—including the museum and its play areas and observation rooms; library and archives of play; and world-renowned toy collections—provided a playful, interactive setting for the fun!