Media Guidelines


Writers, reporters, bloggers*, correspondents, editors, producers and photographers/camera crews must apply annually with the required documentation to receive updated media credentials and pre-register for Toy Fair. All requests are subject to show management approval.

Approval to attend Toy Fair in past years does not guarantee entry. Both first-time and returning members of the press must present credentials annually.

Media Credentials

Credentials must consist of a Company Business Card and two (2) additional documents from the list below. All media must be 18 years of age or older to access the show floor.

  • Company Business Card -- must show name, title and company name (Mandatory)
  • Police-issued Press Card
  • Current publication masthead or editorial page listing name and editorial title
  • Recent bylined article indicating that you are a staff editor, writer, reporter or regular contributor
  • Letter on company stationery that identifies you and your editorial position at the media outlet
  • Verifiable letter of assignment from a bona fide media outlet (for freelance writers, reporters or photographers)
  • Printed copy of your online publication with your name and title in an editorial capacity (For internet news outlets. Personal website writers, editors or creators are not eligible.)

YouTube Influencer Criteria

In order to be eligible for press registration for Toy Fair 2018, YouTube Influencers must meet the following criteria by the cutoff date of February 1, 2018. There will be no on-site registration at the event for YouTube personalities.

All channels must have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers. Videos must be posted weekly on the channel. Children will only be permitted entrance into the event if they serve as one of the main personalities on the channel. All qualifying children must be at least five years of age and have one qualified adult accompanying them at all times.

Qualifying adults can be defined as the personality/key contact of the channel. There will only be two children maximum allowed per YouTube channel. A liability form will need to be completed for all children attending the event.

Qualified individuals are permitted to film, but cannot bring an extra videographer who does not meet the criteria above.

Show management reserves the right to request additional documents if deemed necessary to qualify as a Buyer, Trade Guest, Manufacturers' Rep or Press.
NOTE: All attendees are qualified based on their primary business. Any misrepresentation of position will bar you and your organization from future Toy Association events.
*NOTE: Blogs must reflect current toy industry and/or related news. New posts must be created on a weekly or more frequent basis. Blog traffic must exceed a minimum of 5,000 unique visits a month.

Toy Fair On-Site Press Center

The Toy Association provides an official Press Center space for working media to use as a home base during the show, to conduct interviews, and construct articles for publication.

The Press Center is available exclusively for credentialed members of the media. Exhibitors and/or their PR representatives will not be allowed access to the Press Center.

Within the Press Center, media will have access to a limited number of computer work stations and an additional set of workstations with hard-line internet cables.  Phones/phone lines are not provided. Coffee service will be available during posted hours each morning and afternoon during the show.

The Toy Fair Press Center is an environmentally-friendly press room. There will be no physical press materials displayed in the Press Center; exhibitors are permitted to have press materials (including DVDs, CD-ROMS, flash drives or hard copy press kits) in their booths.

Press materials will be primarily distributed through the Toy Fair Online Press Room.

On-Site Interview Lounge

Any credentialed member of the media who wishes to conduct an interview on-site at Toy Fair can request use of designated interview space located adjacent to the Press Center. Access to the Interview Lounge by members of the media and their interview guest will be limited to the duration of the scheduled appointment.

Reservations can be placed at the Press Center Concierge desk. Interview tables are limited and will be subject to scheduling requirements established by the Press Center Manager; private rooms are not available. During peak periods, ambient noise may cause difficulty for broadcast segments.  A Toy Fair step-and-repeat will also be available for photographs and broadcast interviews.

Online Press Room

The official Toy Fair Online Press Room is the primary destination for journalists to source exhibitor news before, during and after the event. 

Each Toy Fair exhibitor has been invited to post an online press kit containing organizational profiles, contact information and a brief description of the company and its products.

Show Floor Press Protocol

No children under the age of 18 are admitted to the Toy Fair show floor – this includes children of all show participants (media, exhibitors, buyers, trade guests, etc.).  

Child reporters under the age of 18 are not permitted on the show floor.

It is against Toy Fair guidelines for registered members of the media to actively solicit free samples from exhibitors; however, there are no restrictions on samples that are offered by the exhibitor. 

Photographers and camera crews on the exhibit floor must obtain exhibitor’s permission before photographing or videotaping exhibits in their booths.

Exhibitors are being encouraged to check badges, ask questions about a publication or broadcast program, or request a card or credentials of reporters who are requesting permission to interview, photograph, or videotape persons or products in Toy Fair booth space.

Advance Appointments

Use the Exhibitor Search Tool to search by product category, keyword, company name, exhibit location, state or country.

Live Broadcasts, On-Site Events and Satellite Media Tours

All special requirements including live broadcasts, satellite feeds, cable and electrical hook ups must be arranged and pre-approved in writing with Toy Fair show management at least 48 hours prior to execution.

The Toy Association may limit at its sole discretion the locations, times, and subjects for video and audio recordings and photographs.

Camera crews must not block the flow of exhibit floor traffic for any extended period of time.

Additional Information

Additional questions or comments may be forwarded to Adrienne Appell, director, strategic communications (646.520.4863).