Exhibitor FAQs

What is ShopToys365?

ShopToys365 is an innovative digital platform that extends the Toy Fair shopping experience by offering continuous commerce, content and connections between brands and buyers…all year long! ShopToys365 connects your company to the global buying market, extends the amount “face time” originated during Toy Fair and expands your brands exposure to thousands of buyers you’ve not yet met.

How does ShopToys365 connect my company to the larger toy and youth products community?

  • Provides access to the largest toy and youth product retailer database
  • Home page alphabetical company listing and name presence in Brand and Category search
  • Customized brand profile and private showroom page
  • Header photo, brand description, brand logo, linkable contact information, and up to 10 product photos
  • At your discretion, registered retailer gain access to branded showroom Ability to build collections by category, season or even by items for immediate sale
  • E-Commerce feature allows brands to write business all year long without costly additional travel!

Will competitive brands or non-qualified buyers be able to see my product lines or brand profile?

No. ShopToys365 has default private access for registered Toy Fair retailers only. The Toy Association has regular engagement with a built-in base of qualified retailers who have attended Toy Fair, and every one of them goes through a rigorous qualification process to ensure and update their retailing status. ShopToys365 offers multiple layers of privacy for each brand’s private showroom. Showroom visibility is at the discretion of the brand and can be open to:

  • all retailers
  • no retailers
  • retailers that have requested to connect

No other brands will be able to see your products.

ONLY credentialed retailers can enter the showroom where your products are displayed, and it is only in this showroom that your products are visible.

How is ShopToys365 different than other B2B online selling tools?

With more than 17,000 unique registered buyers, 1,600 exhibiting companies and 111 years of experience uniting the two, Toy Fair and The Toy Association’s new ShopToys365 can extend those face-to-face relationships to the digital, 24/7/365 space. No other B2B online toy & youth product marketplace has THAT depth or breadth of engaged buyers and brands.

Is there an additional cost to participate?

There is no cost for Buyers are free. If you are a toy manufacturer and a Toy Association member the cost is $149 per month. Contact support@shoptoys365.com for more pricing information.

How long does my profile remain available to buyers?

Your profile will be available to registered buyers indefinitely.

How do I get started?

Simply visit www.shoptoys365.com to begin. Placement on ShopToys365 involves a simple automated process which includes uploading your own product images and information. Your presence on ShopToys365 can begin as soon as you complete that process. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can take advantage of enhanced exposure in front of thousands of registered and qualified buyers who will visit the site in search of creative playthings to stock their stores. Opportunity is knocking. You just need to open the door…to ShopToys365.

Who do I contact if I have trouble uploading my materials or if I have questions?

For technical issues please contact support@shoptoys365.com.