Each month, ToyInfo’s trends team invites an expert in a play-related field to share his/her thoughts about different aspects of play, as well as some useful tips for parents and caregivers. Get in-the-know — see what they had to say!

Technology and Toys: Getting the Most Out of Educational Play
How do you know if a tech toy is educational? How much should kids engage in digital play? We spoke with Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, Director of Learning at LeapFrog Enterprises — a company that creates kids’ tablets, reading systems and educational toys — to get her take on why play is a critical part of children’s education and what tips she has for parents.
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Is Your Media Choice Sending the Right Message?
ToyInfo’s editorial team asked Wendy Smolen, SVP of PlayScience and co-founder of Sandbox Summit — an idea forum that addresses how technology affects the ways kids play and learn — to share some of the latest information that came out of the Sandbox Summit@MIT event held in March 2015.
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“Little Scientist” of the Future: Using Apps and Digital Toys to Discover and Explore with Your Kids
ToyInfo’s editorial team asked Tonda Bunge Sellers, president of Digital Kids Media, to share some advice on how to encourage children to discover and learn through apps and digital toys.
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Discovering Museum Joys: Play is Our Brain’s Favorite Way of Learning
ToyInfo’s editorial team asked Scott Eberle, vice president for play studies at The Strong National Museum of Play, to share some thoughts on how museum visits can provide families with beneficial — and playful — experiences.
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The Wonderful Thing About Free Play (is Free Play is a Wonderful Thing!)
ToyInfo’s editorial team asked Claire Green, president of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, to share some thoughts on why free play is so important for kids and how parents can — and why they should — encourage it at home.
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Baby Proofing Isn’t Child’s Play
ToyInfo’s editorial team asked Julie Vallese, safety expert at the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and, to share some advice on how parents and caregivers can ensure that their baby’s play area is safe.
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Back to School: How Play can Complement Classroom Learning
ToyInfo’s trend team asked Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times; Jenn Choi, the blogger behind Toys are Tools; and Stevanne Auerbach, a leading play expert known as Dr. Toy, to share some thoughts on how toys and play can help support kids’ classroom learning, and what caregivers can do to encourage educational play.
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What’s Stopping You? Tips and Tools for Engaging in Play
ToyInfo’s trend team asked David Kleeman, Senior Vice President of the PlayCollective’s Insights Program, a global “think tank” focused on play, entertainment and learning for children and families, to share some thoughts on some of the challenges that adults face when engaging in play, and what tools are available to help overcome those obstacles.
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6 Ways to Play With Your Family
ToyInfo’s trend team asked Jill Greenlaw, the editorial manager of Mom It Forward, a popular blog and online community dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and their families, to share some tips on how families can connect through play.
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How to Play While You’re Away: Staying in Touch with Your Littlest Loved Ones
ToyInfo’s trend team asked Carly Shuler, co-founder of the Kindoma video chat app that lets families read storybooks together remotely, to share some advice on how families can engage in play and stay connected when parents and caregivers are apart from their children.
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How to be an Active Advocate for Play
ToyInfo’s trend team asked Darell Hammond, founder and CEO of a nonprofit dedicating to creating play spaces for kids, to share some advice on how families can help encourage play in their homes and in neighborhoods everywhere.
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Spring Break Travel Fun … Before You Get to Your Destination
ToyInfo’s trend team asked Serena Norr, the managing editor of the popular blog MomTrends, to share some tried-and-true play tips for keeping the kids engaged and entertained during your next family adventure.
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Physical Play and Your Child’s Health: Be Active, Be Happy, Be Healthy
ToyInfo’s trend team invited Dr. Shelly Glick Gryfe, a psychologist and research consultant specializing in children’s products and health care, to share some thoughts about the importance of physical play and how it helps children be active, happy and healthy.
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Why You Should Schedule Playdates and How to Survive Them
Meryl Neiman, co-founder and CEO of Playdate Planet, shares her thoughts on the importance of playdates and a few tips on how to make sure your kids’ playdates go smoothly.
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Trends in Traditional Toys and Digital Playthings
ToyInfo’s trend team recently sat down with Dr. Michael Cohen, a developmental psychologist, market researcher and expert in the field of children and play, to talk about the value of traditional toys and digital playthings, and how they’re evolving.
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