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Modern Play's Impact on Toys & Games: Trend Hunter Report
December 10, 2019’s latest free monthly report for Toy Association members explores what’s new in toys, playtime, and gaming.

Creating a More Inclusive & Diverse Workplace
December 3, 2019
Members of The Toy Association are invited to review findings from the new Diversity & Inclusion Committees inaugural report.

Member Exclusive: NPD’s Children & Influencer Platforms Study Now Available
November 25, 2019
The NPD Group’s Children & Influencer Platforms Study is now available to Toy Association member companies.

Toy Association Webinar to Explore How Influencer Platforms Impact Kids’ Habits
November 15, 2019
Learn how kids are engaging with key social and digital platforms in The Toy Association’s webinar, “Children & Influencer Platforms: New Research from The NPD Group,” on November 21.

1 in 3 Parents Don't Know that Counterfeit Toys are Lurking Online
November 4, 2019
Nearly one in three parents don’t know that counterfeit toys are lurking online. Before clicking “Add to Cart” follow these tips for avoiding fraudulent toys that might be unsafe this holiday season.

Influencer Platforms, Kids’ Habits Explored in Toy Association Webinar
October 25, 2019
Toy professionals who want to take a closer look at how kids are engaging with key influencer platforms can join The Toy Association’s upcoming webinar, "Children & Influencer Platforms: New Research from The NPD Group."

Could Escapism Trend Impact Toys? Find Out in New Trend Hunter Report
October 18, 2019
Learn about how consumers are escaping the daily hustle and how it’s impacting their entertainment and lifestyle choices in’s latest monthly report, free to Toy Association members.

Investigating Mental & Emotional Well-Being: New Trend Hunter Report
September 23, 2019
Members of The Toy Association can access’s latest free monthly report, which examines the growing consumer interest in self-care and mental health and ways brands can tap into the conversation.

Exploring a Culture of Convenience: New Trend Hunter Report
August 23, 2019’s latest free monthly report for Toy Association members explores how consumer demand for “convenience” is impacting businesses and the products and services they sell.

Toy Association’s Anne McConnell Named to The Strong Museum’s Research, Interpretation, & Education
July 31, 2019
The Strong National Museum of Play has named The Toy Association’s Anne McConnell to the museum’s Research, Interpretation, and Education Committee. The Committee assists The Strong’s Board of Trustees in overseeing, directing, developing, and reviewing policies for the interpretive and educational programs at the museum, which includes physical and online exhibits, museum publications (such as the American Journal of Play), school lessons, and The Strong’s Woodbury School.

Learn Valuable Insights to Optimize Your Business
July 15, 2019
Are you operating your company as efficiently as your peers? Are you interested in exploring areas where you can improve business functions? Making sound business decisions is critical for success, especially in today’s volatile environment.

Now Available: STEM/STEAM Resources to Help Guide Your Product Development
July 9, 2019
The Toy Association has created a variety of free resources to guide toy manufacturers in developing products that foster STEM/STEAM discovery and learning. The latest information is part of the Association’s multi-year undertaking to bring more clarity to the growing movement of STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and math, with the inclusion of “A” for the arts) to toy companies, parents, and the public at large.

Exclusive Member Benefit: NPD’s Global Toy Market Overview & ICTI Presentation Now Available
July 8, 2019
The NPD Group’s latest Global Toy Market Report and a presentation the market research firm made during the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Annual General Meeting are now available free to Toy Association member companies.

Trend Hunter: How Business Disruptors are Transforming Consumer Categories
June 28, 2019’s latest free monthly report for Toy Association members looks at emerging brands and startups that are revolutionizing consumer categories with new business models and creative offerings.

Hard Copy of STEM/STEAM Report Mailed to Toy Association Members
June 21, 2019
Toy Association members will be receiving a hard copy in the mail of the Association’s latest report, “STEM/STEAM Formula for Success,” over the next week.