The Genius of Play Connects with Digital Influencers at Type-A Parent Conference

October 10, 2017 | The Genius of Play continued to spread its message about the developmental benefits of play at the Type-A Parent conference last week.

Hundreds of parenting bloggers attended the conference in Old Town Alexandria, VA to exchange ideas, network, and learn during educational sessions and panels. A special emphasis was placed on how bloggers and brand marketers can effectively work together to reach a wider audience of parents.

“Given the successful partnerships we formed from participating in last year’s Type-A conference, we knew attending this year’s event would be extremely beneficial to further the mission of The Genius of Play,” says Anna Yudina, The Toy Association’s director of marketing initiatives. “Our play ideas, expert advice, and inspirational videos are very shareable in the social media world. The bloggers we met at this year’s conference are excited about the opportunity to share The Genius of Play’s story with their own audiences.”

As a conference exhibitor, The Genius of Play connected with hundreds of attendees to share its mission and available resources. As a result, partnerships with dozens of digital influencers will be formed to promote the power of play message to parents online and on social media. Conference attendees were also invited to participate in The Genius of Play’s sweepstakes for a chance to win $250 worth of toys. Participants were asked to spin a Play Challenge wheel to either hula hoop, dress up/pretend play, yo-yo or answer trivia questions to test their playfulness. Kara Carrero, the author of the blog Extremely Good Parenting, won the challenge.  

The Genius of Play is a national movement spearheaded by The Toy Association to raise awareness about play’s critical role in child development and encourage more play in children’s lives. Visit The Genius of Play’s website to view expert advice from play and child experts ranging from child psychologists to play community activists.