The Toy Association Collaborates with Canadian Regulators on Toy Safety

July 11, 2017 | The Toy Association staff members traveled to Toronto, Canada in June for a series of meetings with regulators and standards development groups to discuss revisions to ASTM F963-16, explore further alignment of U.S. and Canadian toy safety requirements, and attend the 2017 ICPHSO regional symposium.

Highlights from The Toy Association’s work in Canada include:

    The Toy Association participated in a meeting with the ASTM F15.22 toy safety subcommittee to consider potential new work items for future revisions of the ASTM F963 toy safety standard. The group also resolved and finalized issues related to corrections to ASTM F963-16. Corrections will be included in the 2017 revision of the standard.
    At the 2017 ICPHSO regional symposium, The Toy Association staff spoke on a panel about collaborative efforts to align U.S. and Canadian toy standards. The symposium explored safety compliance and international cooperation, and offered networking opportunities with U.S. and Canadian regulators and others.
    Staff also held discussions with technical experts and Health Canada management to explore the advancement of efforts to more closely align U.S. and Canadian toy safety requirements. Senior officials at Health Canada reaffirmed their commitment to standards alignment.

    “Alignment will be a multi-year effort; however, there has been notable progress in readying changes to ASTM F963 to make it more adaptable to the Canadian legislative structure, while maintaining its protectiveness,” notes Joan Lawrence, senior vice president of standards and regulatory affairs and chair of the ASTM F15.22 subcommittee, who participated in the discussions.
    Meetings were held with staff at the Canadian Toy Association (CTA) and an advisory firm to discuss strategy on a number of potential legislative and safety issues in Canada.

Questions about The Toy Association’s advocacy and safety efforts in North America and abroad may be directed to Alan Kaufman, senior vice president of technical affairs, or Joan Lawrence, senior vice president of standards and regulatory affairs.