Learn About Insurance Coverage in the Age of COVID-19

webinar-graphicJune 30, 2020 | Insurance coverage has long been designed to handle foreseeable disasters, such as floods, storms, and fires. But the ongoing pandemic has demonstrated the difficulties for businesses to reconcile coverage with a new type of financial loss. Toy professionals who wish to maximize their coverage as disruptions, claims, and losses continue are invited to attend The Toy Association webinar, “Insurance Coverage in the COVID-19 Era: Insurance in the Current Pandemic (And The Next One),” on July 23 at 2 p.m. (Eastern).

The one-hour session will provide an overview of how insurance has and has not responded to the pandemic, what steps policyholders should be taking to maximize coverage, and how insurance markets will respond in the long term. It will examine how commercial property, business income/interruption, products/general liability, and workers compensation policies responded (and failed to respond) to the pandemic. Participants will also learn about ongoing COVID-19 insurance litigation and how insurance markets, insurance regulators, and lawmakers have, and will, respond to the apparent coverage gaps.

Nicholas B. Reuhs, partner at Ice Miller LLP, will present. Paul Vitale, executive vice president of finance & operations at The Toy Association, will moderate.

All toy professionals are invited to attend. The session is specifically recommended for individuals involved in insurance, risk management, and legal functions. Registration is free for members and $49 for non-members.

For questions, please contact The Toy Association’s Anne McConnell, senior director of market research and data strategy.