Reminder: Vermont Chemical Reporting Deadline is August 31

vermont-stateJuly 29, 2020 | Toy Association members are being reminded of Vermont’s August 31 reporting deadline for children’s products containing any of the state’s 86 chemicals of concern to children (CHCC).

Vermont’s Department of Health has stated that it will not extend the reporting deadline, despite The Toy Association’s request for an extension in light of the unprecedented difficulties facing members impacted by COVID-19. However, the department said that it will not seek enforcement actions against manufacturers that make good faith efforts to adhere to the law.

Toy Association members are advised to report at their earliest convenience to avoid any issues that may delay the submission process. This guidance is especially important for those reporting from outside the U.S.

To ensure smooth reporting, members are encouraged to review the materials (guidance document, PQL document, user manual, and tutorial video) and update their profile’s contact information, if necessary. Reporting receipts are sent by email; newly submitted reports will also appear on a company’s account dashboard within a few hours.

Members may direct questions about Vermont’s chemical reporting process to The Toy Association’s Matthew Lenz, director of state government affairs.