Now Available: Member-Exclusive Market Research on the American Kid Consumer

Kids holding an American FlagMarch 16, 2023 | Toy Association members are encouraged to take advantage of new market research from Kidz Global/BrandTrends to help confidently expand their businesses in the U.S.

The report, “The American Kid Consumer: What Companies Should Know about U.S. Toy Consumers & Kids’ Routines and Media Lives,” which includes information covered in a recent Toy Association webinar, offers extensive findings on the opportunities, obstacles, and key success factors for growth in the U.S. toy market.

To help toy companies understand how best to position their product lines, the report provides insights on consumer preferences in the U.S., including relevant insights into kids’ daily routines and their digital activities, play trends, popular entertainment brands among kids, pocket money trends, and more.

“This report is packed with actionable content and insights into how today’s U.S. families are spending both their time and their money,” said Anne McConnell, senior director of market research & data analysis at The Toy Association. “We encourage members to use these insights as they seek out and employ new strategies to grow their business.”