(For Ages 5+)


  • Minimum of 2 players
  • Multiple small-sized balloons
  • Water bucket filled with water

Recipe for Fun!

This perfect outdoor activity makes a simple game of catch cool while developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills and teamwork.

STEP 1: Help the kids fill the balloons with water from the bucket.

STEP 2: Divide the group up into pairs of 2.

STEP 3: Have the kids stand facing each other a short distance apart.

STEP 4: Instruct the kids to gently toss the water balloon back and forth to each other.

STEP 5: The opposite player must catch the balloon without dropping or popping it.

STEP 6: If the balloon breaks, the team is eliminated!

STEP 7: After each successful round, have the (remaining) teams take a step backward.

STEP 8: The last pair with an intact water balloon wins.