Parent's Play Perspectives

We were curious - how do today's parents perceive play? To find out, we went straight to the source!

Partnering with the research team at PlayScience, an innovation and development company that specializes in play, learning and entertainment, we surveyed over 500 parents from across the country with children 2-10 years old.

Here's what we learned...
Research Findings

92% of Parents See Play as Essential for their Children.

Surveyed moms and dads agreed.


Play lets parents bond with their kids.


Play is a good way for parents to teach their children.


Play increses kids' creativity.

Expert Tips

Playtime Isn't a Priority for Parents

43% said that teaching their kids a set of values is the most important aspect of raising their child, and 27% viewed helping with schoolwork as most important.

Only 12% ranked playing with their kids as #1.

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Play gives children the change to understand and test out abstract concepts – like values or arithmetic – in real-life situations.

How Do You Play?

How Do You Play?

How does your family define play? Here's what other parents had to say:

  • "Any activity that is part learning and part fun."

    - Dad of 7-year-old girl

  • "A time for children to be children, to have fun, be creative, keep themselves entertained and occupied."

    - Mom of 5-year-old girl

  • "Any activity that entertains the mind while keeping them active and allows them to use their imagination."

    - Dad of 3-year-old boy

  • "Play is any time that my child is able to use their imagination and grow."

    - Mom of 2-year-old girl