Toy Industry Association (TIA) Statement Regarding the Sound Level of Toys

No toys intended for children and sold in the United States have been found to be dangerous based on their sound level.

Consistent with its concern for the safety and well-being of all children – and despite the fact that there were no data suggesting that sounds from toys posed a hazard – the toy industry turned to a noted audiologist and expert on child and adolescent hearing for input, guidance and leadership in the development of a standard to limit the sound level of certain toys. The standard is included in ASTM F963, the toy safety standard that is federal law in the U.S. and has been modeled internationally.

Parents are reminded to listen to toys that make sounds before purchasing to make sure that the toy is appropriate for their child. Acceptable levels of sound are often a matter of opinion and personal preference. Always look for a volume control or an on/off switch.

This statement reaffirmed by the Toy Industry Association in October 2016.