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Toy Industry Hall of Fame

In 1984, the Toy Industry Hall of Fame was established to recognize the people behind the power of play. Every year for the past three decades, members of the industry have proudly nominated hundreds of men and women – from toy inventors to toy retailers – who have made their mark on the industry and created a love of play in the hearts of children of all ages.

The Toy Industry Hall of Fame Committee carried forward for 2019 both Stan Lee (Former Chairman, Marvel Comics) and Brian Goldner (Chairman & CEO, Hasbro, Inc.) as two of the three leading vote-recipients and planned inductees from 2018. Mr. Goldner had previously stepped aside to give Mr. Lee and Ms. Andrea Barthello the spotlight while it was later determined that Mr. Lee’s induction would be delayed one year. Hall of Fame Co-Chairmen Neil Friedman and Alan Hassenfeld commented, “The Nominating Committee Members are excited to finally induct two outstanding individuals in Stan Lee and Brian Goldner who had the support of the voting membership, our Committee and The Toy Association’s Board of Directors.”

2019 Inductee In Memoriam
Stan Lee

Former Chairman
Marvel Comics
2019 Living Inductee
Brian Goldner

Chairman & CEO
Hasbro, Inc
2019 Posthumous Inductee
Joe Mendelsohn

Former President
Kenner Products
Hall of Fame Inductees

Toy Industry Hall of Fame at The Strong

The Toy Industry Hall of Fame has a new home!

The new, state-of-the-art Toy Halls of Fame exhibit was unveiled at The Strong museum in Rochester, NY on September 17, 2015. This cutting-edge installation features inductees of both the Toy Industry Hall of Fame and National Toy Hall of Fame under one roof, showcasing the toys beloved by generations and the toy industry trailblazers who helped bring those toys to life.

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The Strong

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